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Our Exclusive Capway Conveyors
We are the only manufacturer of Capway conveyor belts used in all Capway Systems Final Provers, bread, roll, pizza Coolers and conveyors from Capway Systems.  Our conveyors are manufactured exclusively in our factory in the Netherlands.

Conveyor Types - Designed for Purpose:

  • The Capway Steel Link Conveyor is ideal for transporting bread pans, trays and for use as cooling conveyors.
  • The REVR (power-free conveyor with rollers) is designed to reduce energy consumption, noise and prevent excessive  wear to  bread pans and trays where the carriers stop or are queuing during the production process.
  • Wendway hooked conveyors for cooling and product transport are available from us in all widths and designs.

We can also supply conveyors in other styles and materials.

Need Advice - Talk to the Experts
If you are unsure about the style, design or material required then please call, our engineers are happy to advise customers on all conveyor applications.

Our High Standards - Your Guarantee
Quality workmanship is our commitment in everything we do and we work closely  with with our customers to ensure the correct conveyor is supplied to suit individual requirements and applications from standard to custom conveyors.

We guarantee the supply of conveyors that will meet the requirements and rigours  of the industrial bakery and food production facilities.

Food Safe
All conveyors manufactured and supplied  by EverBake are food safe, in accordance with Directive (EC) no. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 October 2014.
The FDA certificate is available here, click here.

Wendway hooked conveyors

Capway conveyor

REVR (power-free with rollers)

Parts and connecting links
Do you need parts or connecting links for your Capway machine or production line? EverBake has your customer file with all the necessary information on your Capway installation(s). We have received your customer file from the liquidator of Capway Systems Netherlands B.V.  Click here for the letter from the liquidator. This allows us to assist you quickly in obtaining the correct parts. Many parts are immediately available from stock so we can guarantee fast delivery. You can then continue production without any problems. It is also possible to keep parts that must be regularly replaced in stock at your bakery.

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