Strapped bread pans

Strapped bread pans with deep or folded baking tins
EverBake has plenty of experience in tailor-made deepdrawn baking tins which are suitable for automatic stacking. The bread pans, folded or deepdrawn, can be designed in various sizes. By using the latest technology, we can produce various tins and pans from one piece. This results in a seamless product which is easy to clean. Tins can be supplied in several formats and are made and finished entirely in line with the client’s specific requirements. After production, the tins can be equipped with a non-stick coating.

  • Heavy-Duty deepdrawn bread pans
  • The strap around the pan is designed for use with automatic storage and retrieval systems or conventional stacker and unstackers
  • All deepdrawn pans are constructed using 0.9mm (0.035”) aluminized steel
  • Pans can be either standard or custom sizes based on customer requirements
  • We can also manufacture a wide range of pan lids complete with a variety of stacking options

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