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EverBake Group offers solutions for each bakery

EverBake Group is a supplier and producer for the bakery industry worldwide. All kinds of bakeware and stainless steel applications such as workbenches and sinks are made in-house. But also the well-known CREARE frying lines and ZELA greasing machines. In addition, EverBake is a recognized importer of HEUFT ovens and iceCool cooling and freezing solutions.

EverBake Group offers bakery solutions for every bakery. From bakeware & coatings, spray solutions to ovens, refrigerators and machines. Thinking from the end product, we look for the best solution. Our (practice) advisors are happy to help you map out the problem or your expansion. Together with our engineering team, we ensure that design, construction and maintenance run smoothly.

Quality with an eye for detail
Our products are designed with an eye for detail and quality is of great importance. We produce and supply to artisanal and industrial bakeries worldwide.


EverBake has it’s own production for bakeware, fryinglines, stainless steel solutions and ZELA greasing and spraying machines.

High quality

Our products are designed with an eye for detail with our high quality standards.

Service department

We have our own service department for ZELA spray- and greasingmachines and CREARE fryinglines.

Our products

EverBake supplies peelboards, baking tins, baquette trays, baking trays, stainless steel solutions such as baking trolleys and ZELA greasing and spray machines for artisanal and industrial bakeries wordwide. All bakeware can be provided with our coating.


  • The structure of the ABS plastic surface is ideal for proofing products that otherwise adhere strongly to surfaces.
  • Unlike with cloths, there is no mould growth. The Peelboards are waterproof and can be washed. Moisture does not penetrate the individual components.
  • Suitable for food, also for organic products
  • Long service life


    Baking tins / bread tins

    • Deep drawn bread pans or folded pans
    • Edge bumper
    • Robot handle
    • Single / double frame
    • Lids in different executions (sliding, locked). Stacking system
    • Closed / project frame
    • Supporting bridges
    • Distance holders
    • Stacking possibility
    • Coding – tracking


    Baquette trays

    • Stainless steel frames
    • For automatic lines (Mecatherm)
    • Perforated or non perforated inlays made out of aluminium
    • All sides smooth welded
    • Stainless steel rivets
    • Bespoke sizing to suit individual line requirements
    • Stacking possibility
    • Coding – tracking
    • FDA Teflon coating of siliconen


    Baking trays

    • Trays for automatic baking lines
    • Stainless steel frames
    • Aluminium insert sheet (Teflon coating or silicone is possible)
    • Flat tray from 800x600mm to 2400x800mm
    • FDA Teflon coating of siliconen



    • Higher heat resistance
    • Longer life
    • Durability
    • High quality
    • Excellent non-stick release properties
    • Meet stringent requirements of the Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority


    ZELA greasing and spray machines

    • For greasing bakeware
    • For spraying products with egg or glace
    • For decorating with seeds or tiger paste
    • Custom design for the industrial bakery
    • User friendly
    • Easy operation
    • Special spray technique for optimal distribution of the release agents


    Machines and ovens

    EverBake is producer and supplier of the ZELA spray- and greasing machines and the CREARE fryinglines. For The Netherlands EverBake is recognized importer and supplier from HEUFT ovens and iceCool proofing cabinets and refrigerators and freezers for bakeries.