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Coating and recoating bakeware

EverBake offers a wide range of coating for the manufacture of bakery-related products. By a constant urge to innovate, EverBake is continually looking for products that can improve the efficiency of bakeries. In order to be able to offer the best coating for every application and budget. These coatings have excellent release properties, so that greasing of baking forms is unnecessary in almost all cases. The excellent release properties, high heat resistance and excellent wear resistance result in a long life. Working closely with our clients, we determine which coating – in combination with the available budget – will be the most suitable for their application. 

  • Higher heat resistance 

  • Longer life 

  • Durability 

  • High quality 

  • Excellent non-stick release properties 

  • Meet stringent requirements of the Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority


EverBake has its own production facility for coating and recoating bakeware.

High quality

Our coatings have very good wear resistance and this results in a long service life.


Excellent non-stick properties, which makes greasing baking tins superfluous in almost all cases.

Coating and recoating

We coat and recoat all types of bakeware for artisanal and industrial bakeries. Below are a few examples.