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Baking trays for industrial bakeries

The baguette trays of EverBake are designed to keep its shape and planarity and thus enhance the efficiency of your production lines. The baking trays are specially designed to adapt to all types of industrial production lines thanks to its robotically welded one-piece frame. Furthermore, its global design gives high rigidity, a perfect geometry and regularity of the frame and gutters. All plates can be supplied in various sizes and can be equipped with a non-stick coating.

  • Trays for automatic baking lines

  • Stainless steel frames

  • Aluminium insert sheet (Teflon coating or silicone is possible)

  • Flat tray from 800x600mm to 2400x800mm

  • FDA Teflon coating of siliconen


EverBake has it’s own production for bakeware, fryinglines, stainless steel solutions and ZELA greasing and spraying machines.

High quality

Our products are designed with an eye for detail with our high quality standards.

Service department

We have our own service department for ZELA spray- and greasingmachines and CREARE fryinglines.

Baking trays

For craft and industrial bakeries.