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Peelboards industrial bakeries

Our Peelboards are the result of intensive research work. Our product offers unique state-of-the-art technology connecting the ABS surfaces and the metal core.

  • The structure of the ABS plastic surface is ideal for proofing products that otherwise adhere strongly to surfaces.
  • Unlike with cloths,  there is no mould growth. The Peelboards are waterproof and can be washed. Moisture does not penetrate the individual components.
  • Suitable for food, also for organic products
  • Long service life

EverBake Peelboards are available in various designs: 

  • Breadth dimension up to 1800mm
  • Profile heights 14 or 19 mm
  • Rounded, cut off or 90º corners


EverBake has it’s own production for bakeware, fryinglines, stainless steel solutions and ZELA greasing and spraying machines.

High quality

Our products are designed with an eye for detail with our high quality standards.

Service department

We have our own service department for ZELA spray- and greasingmachines and CREARE fryinglines.


For industrial bakeries worldwide.