The Netherlands





Baking tins for craft and industrial bakeries

EverBake produces and supplies an extensive range of folded and deep-drawn bread pans in various types and sizes for the artisanal and industrial bakery. After production there is the possibility to threat the strapped bread pans with a non-stick coating.

  • Deep drawn pans or folded pans
  • Edge bumper
  • Robot handle
  • Single / double frame
  • Lids in different executions (sliding, locked). Stacking system
  • Closed / project frame
  • Supporting bridges
  • Distance holders
  • Stacking possibility
  • Coding – tracking


EverBake has it’s own production for bakeware, fryinglines, stainless steel solutions and ZELA greasing and spraying machines.

High quality

Our products are designed with an eye for detail with our high quality standards.

Service department

We have our own service department for ZELA spray- and greasingmachines and CREARE fryinglines.


Folded or deep drawn strapped breadpans for each bakery.