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Two ZELA 2100 greasing machines for industrial bakery in Kenya

ZELA machines are used worldwide in artisanal and industrial bakeries. We recently installed two ZELA2100 greasing machines at a large industrial bakery in Kenya. This Kenyan bakery specializes in all kinds of English sandwich bread. The ZELA2100 is included as an overdrive unit in the...

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EverBake bread straps in automatic production line industrial bakery

EverBake bread straps tailored to automatic production process

EverBake has developed a large batch of bakeware for an industrial bakery chain in the Netherlands. The automated production lines of the industry require a different approach than for the traditional baker. There are many factors to consider at the drawing board. The NBT editors...

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ZELA tiger paste mix unit

Installation of new ZELA3000 tiger paste mix unit at industrial bakery in...

ZELA is the brand name for greasing and other spraying machines for the bakery. The unique spray technology ensures that the release agent, tiger paste, jelly or chocolate is sprayed accurately and with an even pattern over the baking molds or products at low pressure....

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Bakkerij Pater chooses HEUFT and EverBake

Four new HEUFT VTT VULKAN TURBO THERM rack ovens with plate size 1000x800 mm were recently installed at Bakkerij Pater in Avenhorn. Bakerij Pater is part of the Amarant Bakkersholding and knows through the experience of fellow baker Van de Kletersteeg that they achieve great...

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