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New brochure for bakeware, coatings and spray machines for industrial bakeries

We have a new brochure for industrial bakeries. Here you find a short overview of our assortiment in bakeware, coating and the ZELA greasing and spraying machines. The bakeware, which is produced in-house, is suitable for the automatic production process and can be provided with...

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No more sticking of the dough to the board

Bakers are well known with the problem of dough sticking to the board. You want to move your risen dough without tearing it or that the risen dough deflates. To make the proofing proces more easily we produce peelboards where the dough is not sticking...

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HEUFT has a hybrid solution to realize energy savings

HEUFT has long been known for its high-quality and sustainable oven solutions. HEUFT is the oldest oven manufacturer in Germany - and even Europe - with an enormous wealth of experience in developing and building a wide variety of bakery ovens. Nevertheless, in 2008 the...

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40% lower energy consumption compared to conventional ovens of the same capacity

It is not something that Bakkerij van Vessem regularly advertises, but sustainability is kind of second nature to the bakery from Haarlem. For example, director Jos Huybregts' company was named the 'most sustainable company in the Netherlands' last year. A year earlier he already received...

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