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Subject: Simon Tabruyn about there introduced innovation, that is a solution for bakers who want to use both electric and gas to heat their ovens

Source: NBT magazine

HEUFT has a hybrid solution to realize energy savings

HEUFT has long been known for its high-quality and sustainable oven solutions. HEUFT is the oldest oven manufacturer in Germany – and even Europe – with an enormous wealth of experience in developing and building a wide variety of bakery ovens. Nevertheless, in 2008 the company chose to focus on the production of thermal oil furnaces and can now call itself a true specialist in that field. In addition, HEUFT is also a forerunner in the field of energy saving and reducing co2 emissions and, with a recently introduced innovation, has a solution for bakers who want to use both electric and gas to heat their ovens. The Dutch trade magazine NBT speaks with Simon Tabruyn – sales director export at HEUFT.

Become independent in energy management with bakery ovens from HEUFT

“Because energy is an increasingly valuable resource, we offer sustainable solutions for our customers. The trend is clear: the path leads away from fossil fuels and more towards regenerative resources such as hydrogen, biogas or bioelectricity, of which wind and solar energy are an example. We have a big advantage: our ovens are heated by a separate boiler. This can be equipped with a gas burner, but the boiler can also be quickly converted to an electrically fired variant that heats up the thermal oil. The demand for such a solution is already very high. Thus, a patent-pending innovation from HEUFT is the hybrid thermal oil heater, which sustainably heats thermal oil and can help to become independent in energy management. It combines two technologies: an electric and a fired boiler. In addition, the electric heater can use electricity from regenerative sources to operate sustainably. The fired variant can in turn use natural gas or fuel oil as an energy source. Possible alternatives in this case are the combustion of liquefied gas, biogas, wood pallets or hydrogen. In any case, it can supply the entire required heating power itself. For bakers who generate a lot of electricity through solar panels, it is profitable to opt for the electric boiler during the day and switch to gas at night. All bakeries that already work with a gas-fired HEUFT heat exchanger have the option of replacing the gas ad hoc with liquefied gas or fuel oil. The changeover can be made quickly, without the need for a new heat exchanger. When switching from gas to fuel oil, only the burner needs to be replaced. This way we can help bakers even further in saving energy and hopefully also offer a solution for further sustainability.”